Search quick guide

How do I start a search on SeAMK-Finna?

There are several alternative ways to search in SeAMK-Finna. You can choose the appropriate way for your purposes.

Basic search and advanced search

With the basic search (search from Library collections) and the advanced search, you can find local material in the library, namely printed books and e-books, printed journals and e-journals, SeAMK theses and links to databases. You can also do a so-called blank search by just clicking the search button .

International e-materials search

With the international e-materials search, you can find numerous peer-reviewed studies, article publications and e-books from a variety of disciplines and publishers in an electronic format. You can also search for international e-materials with advanced search. Advanced search from International e-resources is different from advanced search from Library collections.

Finnish articles search

With the Finnish articles search, you can apply for domestic professional and scientific articles and publications. You can find information about Finnish articles and publications and links to their full texts. You can also search for domestic articles with advanced search.

Open educational resources search

With the Open educational resources search, you can find open educational resources (OER) from all levels of education in the Library of Open Educational Resources. The service and its OERs are available for use by teachers, learners and everyone else.

Browsing lists

The database list contains information about e-resources and databases that library has purchased. Database list also includes all links to databases. From the journal list you will find library's printed and electronic journals.

How can I review my search results?

When you do a search on SeAMK-Finna, you will be directed to the search results page where you will find all of the results that match your search term(s). On the search results page there are three tabs which include different materials: Library collections, International e-materials and Finnish articles (see the Search results page section for more information). You can filter your results on this page (see the Narrowing your search section for more information). SeAMK-Finna will notify you if no matching results are found.

In the search results list, you can find the details for each search result by clicking on its title. If you click on a search result icon or picture, a preview window will open displaying a larger image and some of the picture’s/object’s information.

How can I review search results for international e-materials?

The search results page for international e-materials contains information about the articles and other e-publications found. You can usually see many different links per article.

Read the full article (PDF) is a link provided by LibKey service, which always takes you directly to the article. According to the service's algorithm, the link leads to a version of the article, primarily to the open access material.

View complete issue is a link provided by BrowZine service that allows you to view the complete issue of the same journal. The service also allows you to view other issues and articles of that journal.

Functionality does not always find LibKey and BrowZine links. However, the search results may show a link to the database where the article can be found (for example ABI/INFORM Collection).

International e-materials: Check license terms and Google Scholar is a link to check whether the article is available via Google Scholar. You can also use the same link to check the access rights to the material.

Where can I find the printed book or journal?

From the search results list, tap the title to access the detailed information on the material. For the printed book, here you can see where the book can be found and whether there are free copies available. In the column Shelf you can find the class number and the main word that allow you to find the book. If all copies are on loan, you will see information about the due dates of the books and the number of requests. Once logged in, you can make reservations.

For the printed journals, you can see where the journal can be found and how long it is stored in the library. More recent numbers can be found in the Tapio-sali and older numbers in the storage. The availability depends on the journal.