Login and My account


Select Login from the main menu at the top. Login using either your SeAMK account or library card.

Login to SeAMK-FINNA, if you want to manage your personal account details, loans, fines, holds and requests and if you want to renew your loans or make requests. You can also save searches and favourites for later use. The students and staff of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences also have remote access to library's e-resources.

Login with SeAMK user account (HAKA login)

    • Type your User name ja Password.
    • NB! So that you can make requests and renew your loans with your SeAMK account, you have to add your library card to the account by selecting My account and Library cards: Connect library card....

    • My account

      Connect library card

    Login with library card

      • Other than SeAMK students and staff can login with their Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences library card.
      • library card number / barcode = number / barcode without spaces.
      • PIN code = personal password (4-12 characters, letters or numbers) has been saved to your profile when you got the library card.
      • If you have forgotten your PIN code, visit the library in person or ask for it by email.

      Always end your session from the main menu (under your name) by selecting Logout.

My account

Selecting My account under your name you can access your personal tabs: Profile, Loans, Holds, Requests, Fines, Library cards, Favourites, and Saved searches.


My profile

    • you can update the email address you use in SeAMK-Finna. This email address is only for email sent by Finna e.g. scheduled alerts. NOTE! Also remember to inform the library of changes in email address, so that you will get item available and overdue notices to the right address. The information in Finna does not automatically be updated to library's customer register.
    • you can choose the preferred pick up locations for holds and requests.

    Change password / PIN code

      • you can change your PIN code.
      • If you have forgotten your PIN code, visit the library in person or ask for it by email.

      Personal details maintained by the library

      • you have access to your personal details in library's customer registeri: name, address, email address, phone number, customer statistical group, and if it were the case, a suspension of borrowing rights.
      • This is the email for item available and overdue notices.
      • NB! This information can only be changed at the library.

Loans and renewals

    • Your checked out items are shown on the page arranged by the due date or title.
    • Loans that are due soon are accompanied by a notice: Item due within the next 24 hours
    • Loans that are due are accompanied by a notice: Item overdue.
    • You can renew your loans by checking the boxes beside items and clicking on Renew selected items.
    • You can renew your loans all at once by checking the box at the list top and clicking on Renew all items. All the renewable loans will be renewed.
    • If the loan is not renewable (there is a request for the item, or the number of renewals has reached the limit), you can see a text: Renewal is denied.
    • If the renewal was successful, you will get a green notice: Renewal successful . The new due date is above the notice.
    • If the renewal is unsuccessful (there is a request for the item or your card is blocked), you will get a red notice: This item could not be renewed.

Holds and Requests

Click on Holds or Requests tab to see your pending holds.

Clicking on Place a hold or Request an available item,

    • you will receive a notice that your request was successful, or a reason why it was not successful. For example, requesting a book is not possible because your borrowing rights have been suspended.
    • At My account you can check your place in the hold queue.
    • When the item has been returned, you will be notified by email. At My account you can see the final date the book is available for pickup, eg. when the hold expires.

    • Clicking on Request an available item for a book that is available on shelf, you can follow the request process at My account:
        • when the request is in process: you can see when the request is made (Created: date)
        • when the request is in process and ready for pick up: you will get an item available notice by email. At My account you can also check the pick up library and when the request expires (by when you have to come and borrow the book at the library).

        You can cancel your holds and requests by clicking Cancel selected or Cancel all.

          • If the cancellation is successful, you will be notified or you will get a reason for the cancellation, if failed.
          • Request cancelled by you will be shown at My account for a few days.
          • If your hold or request is ready for pick up, you cannot cancel it. If so, please contact the library.


    • Click on Fines tab to see the fines you have incurred, i.e. how much there is to pay and why.
    • Fines exceeding 10 euros will result in suspension of borrowing rights until you pay the required fees.
    • You can pay the fines at the library or via web payment. You can also ask for a bank account number to pay online.


      Some of the overdue fines may be so called accrued fines. This means that these loans that caused the fines are already due and they haven’t been renewed or returned. If you have accrued fines, you cannot pay them via web payment. You can choose either of these options:

      • Return the overdued loans which have accrued fines. Then pay the fines either at the library or via web payment.

      • or

      • Contact the library during opening hours to settle the fines. After that you can pay the fines via web payment. Your loans will be renewed at the same time, with the exception of the loans which have holds placed on them.


Library cards

Clicking on Connect library card... on the Library cards tab you can save the details of several library cards (name of the library, library card number, password/PIN).


    • You can add the searched literature references to your own favourites by selecting the pin symbol.
    • References are saved in favourites to the list of your choice where you can copy them to other lists.
    • At My favourites tab you can
        • sort your references by title, author, date, or format and add to them keywords and notes (Edit).
        • create and remove your own public or private Favourites lists. The address of a public list can be copied from the address bar. You can then share the address.
        • name the lists as you like and move their contents from one list to another.
      • You can share references that you saved in the favourites or forward them by email.

Saved searches

    • The searches you carry out are saved during the session at Recent searches.
    • To store important references separately click on Save next to the reference. After closing the session, you will find the references at Saved searches.
    • You can delete searches or empty the history by selecting Delete.
    • Alerts schedule offers you new references daily or weekly, based on criteria provided by you. The results will be delivered to your email.


Always end your session by selecting Log Out from the main menu (under your name) and close the internet browser (on a public computer).